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You Forgot
by gatfb, 13/09, 20:47

Fenella Fielding this week [wogftb] .

Carry on Screaming beauty.

Hot with a great voice.


You Forgot
by 1WB, 13/09, 23:11 @ gatfb

They’re mostly spurious at best... but that would be taking it to a new level

You Forgot
by MHLPisshead, 14/09, 14:14 @ 1WB

A Carry On Star spurious?

You Forgot
by gatfb, 14/09, 17:29 @ 1WB


You Forgot
by MHLPisshead, 14/09, 17:46 @ gatfb

Wait til someone from Love Island collects their harp.Then this lot will take some notice.

You Forgot
by gatfb, 15/09, 20:28 @ MHLPisshead


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