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by MHLPisshead, 22/09, 14:50

Has left Dave.[wogftb]

by Droy263, 23/09, 02:38 @ MHLPisshead

Shame because folk singers like that are rare and they did some amazing tv xmas classics in the early 80's. One of their daughters used to play at my local pub in Enfield on the old Joanna. Another bloke played the spoons! Old London is disappearing.

by stanic_worship, 23/09, 11:02 @ Droy263

[^] Very underrated musicians and some of their observational songwriting was brilliant, shame people see them as a novelty act because of all the “sing along” stuff they did.

As you say, another bit of old London died away.

RIP Chas.

by MHLPisshead, 23/09, 11:18 @ stanic_worship

Still a few places doing it.We go to a great pub in Stepney once a month that does a 'knees up '. Trays of sandwiches so you line your stomach(Including Shiphams crab paste)

by stanic_worship, 23/09, 13:05 @ MHLPisshead


by PP_75, 23/09, 16:39 @ stanic_worship

Shame he (and probably Dave) won’t get to see the new ground

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