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Game against Liverpool not one comment on it[shh]

by ejm @, 30/09, 19:48 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

David Luiz was brilliiant.

by Walter @, 30/09, 19:52 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

Watched on TV.

1) An already booked Sane dives to win a free-kick. No replay. Would've been interesting to at least see a replay to see if he deserved a second yellow.

2) David Luiz gave the ball away 3 times in the first 5 minutes. Then he was brilliant. Some of the balls he was pinging were incredible.

3) At 0-0, they could've scored 3 times before we did. I was a bag of nerves. Luckily, Salah was the worst I've ever seen him.

4) In my opinion, Van Djike was MOM.

5) Barkley was awful when he came on. The team really needed a steady head and a calming influence.

6) Really missing the Pedro / Willian rotation. Willian / Moses obviously inferior. Our bench is what it is.

7) Need a striker in January. Why Morata didn't go in for the 50/50 with the keeper is beyond me.

8) Unbeaten with a new manager and a new system. Honestly thought he'd be gone by Christmas.

9) Who is going Sunday? Pint?

by upthechels @, 01/10, 15:06 @ Walter

Looking at the bigger picture - I think we've progressed hugely. No longer a team that is happy to let the opponents have the ball, all the staff look very happy in what they're doing (Morata looking frustrated rather than unhappy) and all playing at a very high level. Klopp, Pep, Poch and Jose all have years on Sarri as far as the PL goes and Sarri is keeping pace and moving ahead of a couple. I think we must all remember this is very much a 'work in progress' for us this season as we undertake dramatic change in our style of play.

Sarri is right imo....City are 2 notches above us and Liverpool just a notch better. We will close that gap over the next 12 months if the players, management and fans buy into what Sarri is looking to achieve and back him to the hilt.

I'm delighted with us.

by Famous, 01/10, 17:29 @ upthechels

The only worry I have is that we have a dressing room (like many in the modern game) that can and will turn very quickly. Especially given our board’s track record as well.
I think we’ve got a manager who we could see the best out of in 18 months but I just hope he’s still there by then and the players don’t do their usual!

by upthechels @, 01/10, 18:24 @ Famous


I think we witnessed a change in persona from both Jose and Conte after the title wins. Jose having his Eva fallout and Conte having his Costa moment...things seemed to rot badly after both domestics it seems to me. Just gotta hope Sarri and the staff respect eachother :-)

by Famous, 01/10, 19:42 @ upthechels

I think Sarri has got a nasty streak which we’ve not seen/not had to see as yet. Would be great for things to carry on as they are with good football and good results, we can only hope [pray]

by shed69, 02/10, 20:49 @ upthechels

That's done it B :-D

by mhl_pete @, 01/10, 21:04 @ Famous


by R1der, 30/09, 20:43 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

Scousers are cnuts.

by Droy263, 01/10, 04:49 @ R1der

Second half was just waiting for their goal, really pleased we went toe to toe and fought them on the front foot. So much better than sitting back waiting to break, we have to do the same against City.

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