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New kit
by shed69, 09/10, 10:36

You're all banned [boo]

New kit
by stanic_worship, 09/10, 13:12 @ shed69

Maurizio's, orange and graphite army! [2tone]

New kit
by MHLPisshead, 09/10, 13:53 @ stanic_worship


New kit
by shed69, 09/10, 13:55 @ stanic_worship

:-D It's got a ring to it!

New kit
by Walter @, 10/10, 08:37 @ shed69

Can you buy me the socks for Christmas please?

New kit
by shed69, 10/10, 09:58 @ Walter

:-D , of course! And I won't be stung by the Megastore...


New kit
by Walter @, 10/10, 17:38 @ shed69

Ha ha :-D

New kit
by Droy263, 11/10, 01:40 @ Walter

Bought the shirt, slapped Hazard on the back, wife called me a chav. She is correct. Am yet to purchase socks, shorts and go full kit wanker..

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