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by joanah-the-real @, 01/12, 23:38

Ffs get on are freind here Re: Why does he drink his own piss

Posted by moth on December 1, 2017, 10:37 pm, in reply to "Why does he drink his own piss"

Hang on, I didn't know either but watching the press conference today, Allardyce described him as 'the wee man' I thought ohh.. this must have been common knowledge that was what he was known as, hence the drinks his piss thing. I was thinking someone would mention it on here, but didn't see anything

Was allardyce calling him 'the wee man' in reference to the piss thing?

Confused here. were to start with that never mind the loons hamp sort man lad banj and whrer did that fazak get his balls from I'd punch that little shitouse till i ad no fingers left, stewart he drinks isnt it overing all sorts out the tramp. btw that first paaragreph is spart another hide behind names shit bags.

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