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Mid season review
by Mr_T, 15/01, 19:36

After a positive start we have had some bizarre results which last season we were losing but this season drawing. Still think we lack serious back up for lukaku and it needs sorting this window. I think winning the league cup will be a major step in keeping stones and lukaku for another year to see if we can push on next season and break into that top 4. We defo have an excellent starting 11 just needs 2-3 more to add to what we have already.
After an iffy December we seem to have moved up a gear again with some very good performances against city really fancy us tomorrow we won't get a better chance to go to Chelsea and get a win. But more than likely it will end up 0-0 !
Either way things are looking good and I can see us picking up enough points to finish aound 6th place which should get us Europa if we don't win the league cup.
Onwards and upwards blues

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