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Two snidey bastards
by joanah-the-real @, 31/01, 01:59

if ever there was, fat shed shithouse wharto as handed the ad min job of wasg to fat shithouse spart, who fat shed sithouse tony evans will batter when he finds out spart is a racsit trol good look yer gang of snides.

Two snidey bastards
by Oh-Dennis-Wise, 31/01, 05:26 @ joanah-the-real

:-D :-D :-D

This is why I love the Internet.

Joanah are you ok pal? [hide]

Two snidey bastards
by Mr_T, 01/02, 11:46 @ joanah-the-real

I can never get in there now, must be warto in charge absolute bulb that he is.
One of them cranks is the Manc and the other Honda

Two snidey bastards
by joanah-the-real @, 01/02, 12:34 @ Mr_T

Wharto, the slag, as passed over the mod mantle to another fat slag, spart who is also posting as the ambassador. another power crazed dickheaD. 100% gaurantee he'll ruin that board, he as all the other boards and would sell his wifes kids for what he thinks is power a mod gets. the fu@king idiot.

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