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5 for a new dawn
by Rez, 21/11, 13:09

- Crisps are overrated
- So is gravy
- Its Ice Lolly
- Chinese chippies are chippies
- Harry Potter is ace

5 for a new dawn
by syzlack, 21/11, 16:27 @ Rez

oh man, those crisp and gravy comments just arent on. Its already pure brexit this place

Chicken Kiev, Scalped (so it doesnt burst) with grated cheese in a bap
Burger I made at the weekend had a potato waffle added, we think noting of adding a hash brown, waffles work people.
A comfy pair of jumbo cords
Jumpers over shirts at work so you dont have to iron your shirt.

5 for a new dawn
by Wolfstein @, 21/11, 16:30 @ syzlack

You'll wake up and it'll all be a nasty dream.

5 for a new dawn
by syzlack, 21/11, 16:49 @ Wolfstein

This is worse than the time I was in an exam and realised I was naked. And that wasnt a dream

5 for a new dawn
by Wally Hallpark, 21/11, 16:30 @ Rez

With views like that no wonder the last place karked it.

5 for a new dawn
by Rez, 21/11, 16:49 @ Wally Hallpark

wrong wrongo... I a gunna reply to this thread 95 times to become the COCK of the board... oh, wait hang on a sec...

5 for a new dawn
by RF_Admin @, 21/11, 18:23 @ Rez

Thanks for the persistence Rez.

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