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Roll call
by Wally Hallpark, 21/11, 16:15

I know the majority are on Twitter, but I can't be arsed with that.

Who've we got left then?

Roll call
by obrima3, 21/11, 16:18 @ Wally Hallpark


Roll call
by Rez, 21/11, 16:26 @ obrima3


Ohhhh yes...

Roll call
by frayedknot, 21/11, 16:18 @ Wally Hallpark


Roll call
by Tired, 21/11, 16:21 @ Wally Hallpark

here boss

Roll call
by Wolfstein @, 21/11, 16:29 @ Wally Hallpark

Intermittently, very intermittently.[hide]

Roll call
by syzlack, 21/11, 16:29 @ Wally Hallpark

*strokes cat*

I run the show on here now.

Roll call
by Wally Hallpark, 21/11, 16:32 @ syzlack

We're playing "First one to a ton is the cock of WSAGkopf" rules here syzwrong.

Roll call
by Wolfstein @, 21/11, 16:39 @ Wally Hallpark

Hahaha, so a "roll call" thread is hoping for a ton, you'll be lucky to get to 15 over the next 3 weeks. [running]

Roll call
by Wally Hallpark, 21/11, 16:40 @ Wolfstein

I've got a cunning plan B of also saying Stewart Lee is ace too.

Roll call
by Wolfstein @, 21/11, 16:45 @ Wally Hallpark

Oh you swine.

I'm going for F1, is it a real sport?

Roll call
by syzlack, 21/11, 16:46 @ Wally Hallpark

I dont think there's been 100 posts on here full stop, maybe over the next week or two everyone will migrate over and poor ol' blaukopf comes back online without any punters.

Shame if it has all gone tits up.

Anyway I am happy to challenge anyone for top dog spot in this new lord of the flies style cybrehell, I am naked, greased up and ready to go.

Roll call
by Sarflondonblue, 21/11, 16:42 @ Wally Hallpark

*Emerges into the light*

anyone know what happened?

Roll call
by Petercfc, 21/11, 22:02 @ Wally Hallpark

Welcome back or just welcome [old]

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