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by Troop, 09/03, 15:43

You’re not welcome here, mates

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by No_One_Ever_Replies, 09/03, 17:42 @ Troop

swing it nipple

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by Troop, 09/03, 17:49 @ No_One_Ever_Replies

Your lack of discernment renders you a danger to everyone who knows you, friend.

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by RF_Admin @, 13/03, 12:49 @ Troop

Not true [tea]

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by Max Farnham, 16/03, 12:35 @ Troop

Now that just isn’t cricket is it?

Play nice in the sandpit and have the same attitude as the motto of where you take Mr/Mrs Troop for an expensive, special occasion - just like the Hard Rock Cafe, let the board love all, serve all.

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