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Server costs
by RF_Admin @, 13/03, 12:28

I realise there's a grand total of 3 posts from the last year on this board but hey this is worth a shot in case one day you decide that it's the place to be. Which it is of course.

There's no ads any more as the traffic wasn't high enough to sustain them. So it relies on the goodness of posters' hearts to cover server costs. It's a great server, the site's never down and is as fast as. However that comes at a cost of about £300 a year so if anyone else can chuck in a few quid then it would be much appreciated. You'll just have to trust me that I don't spend it on Tennents Super. PayPal button over there --->

More detail, here: http://www.rivalsfootball.net/chelsea/index.php?id=192356


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