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FAO Banjo.
by Spart, 29/06, 13:12

"Ive met martin and he was sound to my face..this tugboat chancer calls me every chance he gets so he gets some shit back ..if it is Spart then he deserves it if it isnt whoever it is deserves to be called a cnut .. "

Have a look at that statement you made on WSAG and then have a think how you would feel if you categorically knew, without any shadow of a doubt in your mind that none of Tugboat, Kemper, Troop, or all the other people on WSAG you and others have convinced yourselves over the years on there were me, are actually NOT me.......hoe much of a 'cnut' does that make you and everyone else like you over there that has insulted me at every opportunity just because you thought I was insulting you, but you had no real evidence to prove it ?

I'm basically not bothered what you or any of the other morons over there believes, I know there is no way I can convince you that it isn't me, but I know it isn't so that's all that matters. But please at least spare me the bleeding heart bullshit like you posted above, claiming to only be on the offensive because someone has offended you, when you have'nt for a moment stopped to think how your own actions might have affected the reputation of the person you have wrogfully accused of being responsible for it.

As people have mentioned in that same thread, yes I may have been boring at times and yes I had shit opinions often too. But I also NEVER went out of my way to insult or bully anyone, despite often getting some unrelenting stick for my opinions. Some of you I DID go out of my way to help out in real life (and yes I am talking especially about YOU Alex-T whom I once bought breakfast for on the way home from Glasgow because he'd spent all his own money chasing fanny the night before, but seems to now be chief prosecutor in the 'lets accuse everyone of being Spart' show. Well if that's how you repay a favour pal, I am glad I will never have the misfortune to come across the snidey two-faced, scrounging shythouse again).

FAO Banjo.
by Spart, 29/06, 14:32 @ Spart

My Aplogies Alex-T, it would seem I am guilty of the same mistaken identity accusations that I have complained about here.

Banjo 'he was caught lying once before'.......by 'caught' do you mean accused, trialled and convicted by the same kangaroo court that has me up for every bit of snidery that has gone on that website ever since ? Have a word with yourself softlad.....you are having the wool(s) pulled well and truly over your eyes and being played by someone else but you don 't havbe the guts to admit it (or the intelligence to see it).

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