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Corbyn replacement?
by syzlack, 15/08, 13:46

If he’s going who are we going for?

Kier Starmer for me

Corbyn replacement?
by Sarflondonblue, 15/08, 14:04 @ syzlack

he wont go over this, he has too much support in the party.

If he should or not is another discussion, but he wont.

Corbyn replacement?
by Murf, 15/08, 14:21 @ Sarflondonblue

Why should he go over this? Seems like just another load of cooked up bollocks to me.

Corbyn replacement?
by syzlack, 15/08, 14:35 @ Murf

Not saying he should, far from it


Corbyn replacement?
by Mr_Tipster, 15/08, 17:50 @ syzlack

Tony Blair

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