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by TheAngryLeft, 18/08, 13:39

over on the jarg board, some absolute clown has managed to turn a boss vintage video clip of London into some kind of anti-british show off to his cuck-chums. "can i borrow your ace new phrase Gammon! please lads?". The epitome of a beta-male.

by YMIM, 19/08, 07:15 @ TheAngryLeft

Imbeciles that use the expression ‘beta male’ are incapable of independent thought.

You’re a mess, mate.

by Troop, 19/08, 12:18 @ TheAngryLeft

Over on the crank board, some beaut that isn’t allowed to log in to the normal board, due to being a racist, writes down his angry feelings and what’s upset him in a bid to rid himself of his deep rooted demons.

Sadly, no one gives a shit.

by syzlack, 20/08, 15:37 @ TheAngryLeft

They're fuking dicks arent they chief. There's some decent stuff on there as well though, what would you say is your favorite aspect of the other board?

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