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So you lot ready for the
by leedsRslickers, 03/12, 23:12

The new mans Chelski eh? Balti pies replaced by a prawn salad with a light dressing in a plastic recyclable pot (special bins provided). Bet they have signs up down the karzees at your place advising you to check your jibbly bits for lumps n bumps too.:-P

Least you know when your brass is coming from. We are still none the wiser and now have new frontmen for some mysterious backer in the middle east. That was at the last count anyhow.

Frying pan > fire scenario.

We're all just cannon fodder really, a captive audience and money makers dream if they get it right.

Still - at least it's given the team the kick up the arse it needed. We've been concentrating on the cups this season until a fortnight ago. :-D

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