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Lest we forget
by neb, 26/10, 16:37

Carefree, wherever you may be
We won the cup in 70
And we didn't give a fcuk about Don Revie
Cuz we are the famous C.F.C

Super Chelsea, forever your masters ......... ' We all fcukin hate Leeds.' :-D

Lest we forget
by farsleeds, 05/06, 20:32 @ neb


Lest we forget
by unknown, 03/12, 18:35 @ farsleeds

Well said Fars

Lest we forget
by leeds24, 03/12, 20:41 @ unknown

Indeed, Mr Fars. My glass has already been raised to that. Might just refill it and raise it again.

Lest we forget
by hooter66, 03/12, 18:43 @ neb


howdy neb, trust you are well ?

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