P302Rivals Football - Arsenal FC
by shed69, 12/04, 09:09

Come on, whilst the other site is down - say hello, and tell us what C/L qualification feels like, as we are heading towards channel 5 [hide]

by Keenos, 12/04, 15:12 @ shed69


by shed69, 12/04, 16:38 @ Keenos

hello, want to write an article? [^]

by Keenos, 12/04, 16:58 @ shed69


any other clubs here?

by shed69, 12/04, 17:20 @ Keenos

Pretty much just Chelsea, a few Everton, a couple of Liverpool and lots of lurkers. But the marketing is about to be stepped up.

Also now optimised for mobile [^]

by Keenos, 13/04, 20:54 @ shed69

you got an easy to access app or just though the website?

by shed69, 14/04, 11:45 @ Keenos

I've started the app, and it's getting there but it's quite :1 . The photos section has taken priority for the moment.

However the mobile version if I say so myself is a superb addition - just go to the usual address and it will load differnet styles and coding so that it not only adjusts to fit, but gets rid of the right-hand side stuff over there -----------> and means you don't have to pinch or scroll around to read & post messages.

Try it...

by WOGFTB, 10/05, 17:52 @ shed69

Or the final.......

by cfcslough, 08/06, 17:23 @ shed69

Oh how the times have changed[^]