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Bayern Away
by mcneilally, 08/01, 13:50

Anyone have any recommendations from last years Bayern visit of where abouts in the city is a good place to book a hotel that's in a lively part of town and also easy to get to the stadium?


Bayern Away
by shed69, 08/01, 22:14 @ mcneilally

I'll put a link on the Chelsea board as well...

Bayern Away
by shed69, 08/01, 22:57 @ mcneilally

Here's an excellent city guide from one of our posters, who used to live there, and which was of great use in May 2012...


Bayern Away
by mcneilally, 09/01, 18:09 @ shed69

Thanks mate.

Bayern Away
by Walter @, 08/01, 22:58 @ mcneilally

I remember having Curry Bratwurst. It was incredible.

Bayern Away
by shed69, 08/01, 23:01 @ Walter

I'm hungry now.

Fcuk, really hungry. Toast and marmite wont come close to curry bratwurst [cr]

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