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Well, well, well
by Ken_Baileys_Ghost, 12/04, 18:01

Looks like I've myself a nice new message board all to myself.

Well, well, well
by RF_Admin @, 13/04, 16:16 @ Ken_Baileys_Ghost

Yep, its a clean slate - give us a shout if you want any changes/specific photo for the banner, etc...

And if you can spread the word and get a few more over then that would be appreciated. Very quick and easy on a mobile [^] Cheers

Well, well, well
by Ken_Baileys_Ghost, 23/04, 21:35 @ RF_Admin


Like the changes Rivals made when they killed this site stone dead overnight a few years ago? :-D

At the time it was the best AFCB site around.

I rather like it empty on here; it's like coming back to a house you once lived in and finding it derelict.

Full of memories, but life moves on...............................

Well, well, well
by RF_Admin @, 24/04, 10:35 @ Ken_Baileys_Ghost

Changes as in listening to posters' requests. Unlike Sky. Mad I know.

Well, well, well
by eaststandred, 09/11, 00:36 @ RF_Admin

[^] good to see rivals back:-D

Well, well, well
by RF_Admin @, 09/11, 19:45 @ eaststandred

Cheers, its truly independent now, so if you know of any others that need a new place to post then please let them know. Can now upload photos. Also an admin role up for grabs if articles need to be published.