P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
by upthechels @, 24/04, 13:21

You earn the right to deserve.

We deserved victory because we defended very well and limited the opposition to feed on scraps...they were poor in defence.
We deserved victory because the manager used 3 of his best players as a game changer...Ponch set out to win the game inside 45 minutes.
We deserved victory because we smashed in 4 goals against the best defence in the country...I'll give them the 2 goals as good work.
We deserved victory because our gaffer had a 90 minute gameplan...see 45 minutes comment

Part of the gameplan was to let Spurs have the ball, we wasn't being dominated, it was a plan. Get them out of position and damage them when chance arrives...we did that perfectly. We never rode luck out there, we professionally dismantled a side on excellent form and left them in tears with cries of 'Chelsea have done us yet again'.

In short, our manager respected the opposition, he did homework on the opposition, he selected a starting team very much with the opposition in mind...he respected Spurs. Now we look at Ponch...no respect at all...rolls up with the same plan, same players etc and expects teams to lie down for his young superstars...NOT CHELSEA AMIGO. Come back when you can win a game from the bench by using your nut.

Conte wins Ponch loses.