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by stanic_worship, 09/04, 14:19


This conversation is a bit groundhog day isn't it...[rant]

As you say, from day one it was clear he had the hump and basically talked down the players. I don't disagree that the club are lacking a clear strategy and I'm sure Conte has some valid gripes in terms of the recruitment we have or haven't made, but ultimately it boils down to the same thing:

He is paid to prepare his squad ahead of games, then put out 11 players in a shape that he thinks can win games, plus adjust that team and shape to suit the way that game progresses. He has consistently failed in that respect this season - Take the last two games, no subs before the 80th minute (and he very nearly brought on Palmieri in stoppage time yesterday for extra piss taking!).

I don't reserve anger at just the manager, he is far from alone in carrying responsibility, but it's easier to change him than it is to change 26 players and 10 board members, so...

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