P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
by ejm @, 18/10, 08:28

Some great football early on, but as soon as they scored the whole dynamic changed. Frank once again out coached 2nd half.... Arteta, Jose to name but two. What does Tomori have to do to get a game?.. if Mount had a leg in plaster he would still start... why play Kepa yesterday?
The big concern is Frank isn't learning. Living in Derby, the Rams were the same defensively when he was here, and no difference last season or this.
Frank, it's all very well saying the goal before half time boosted them, do something about it. Where are the midfield options? To me, this wasn't the game to bring on Ziyech.
I want to focus on that 20 minute first half spell, but in reality if the game was 5 minutes longer, they would have won.

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