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by Kingkerry2, 02/01, 14:51

Strong twitter rumours of deal done

by Famous, 02/01, 15:04 @ Kingkerry2

Good player on his day and you’d like to think he’d give everything if he came to a ‘big club’, but not sure he’s any more effective than the others we’ve already got in that position, to the point where he’d be a regular starter. But would certainly strengthen the squad, especially as an option in the CL, not being Cup-tied, and that fee nowadays is probably half decent!

by upthechels @, 03/01, 11:44 @ Famous

I've never really watched him if I'm honest. I've seen his highlights but never studied his overall game.

Not someone I think we need on the face of it.

by Famous, 03/01, 12:15 @ upthechels

From what I’ve seen, he’s one of those who is patchy; on his day, he looks very good but can also be very poor too.
I suppose Pedro and William already fall in to that category. I guess it’d help having another player in that position and we can hope that at least one or two of them are on form on any given day.
I suppose the difference is that at least if the other two we’ve already got aren’t on song, they at least put a shift in. Can never fault either of them for effort. Whereas Mahrez seemed to go missing a bit on occasions over the last 18 months (and then perked up heading in to January!)

by Walter @, 02/01, 21:21 @ Kingkerry2

He's shit

by stanic_worship, 03/01, 08:03 @ Walter

Better than Willian...[stir]

by Walter @, 03/01, 10:21 @ stanic_worship

No chance

by stanic_worship, 03/01, 11:31 @ Walter

Things Mahrez has going for him above Willian:
- Scores goals
- Creates goals
- Runs at defenders
- Doesn't have a silly barnet
- Knows how to spell 'William' properly
- Doesn't have an annoying song [stir]

by Walter @, 03/01, 13:20 @ stanic_worship

Well someone is back from their honeymoon.

by stanic_worship, 03/01, 14:16 @ Walter


by riazorblue, 03/01, 16:38 @ stanic_worship

There is no way you can guarantee to me that he knows how to spell William properly.

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