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by upthechels @, 29/05, 11:54

His record isn't hugely impressive [eh]

by cfcww, 29/05, 14:24 @ upthechels

I am not sure it matters anymore B, I think the manager/coach position is becoming less and less influential in modern football unless they are truly outstanding. I have a long held belief that over time 95% of managers end up having a negative effect on teams and just make them worse. Someone like Dyche seems to be able to make a team better than the sum of its parts but there is a glass ceiling to that and I expect he has taken Burnley nearly as far as they can go playing the way they do. Pundits rave about Pochettino but Spurs are now worse than they were last year and are further away from winning trophies than they were three seasons ago.

Of the remaining 5%, I think there are some in there who have the knack of being "lucky managers" but most of them only have a two to three year cycle because none of them appear to have any flexibility in their tactics nor the ability to adapt to how a game is developing.

This Sarri seems to be popular because Napoli play attractive football but I expect he will be another one who sets the team up in a certain formation and that is that regardless of how the opposition are playing, the players at his disposal or with future games in mind..

by stanic_worship, 29/05, 14:29 @ cfcww

"Courthois short to Cahill....out of play".

by Famous, 29/05, 14:38 @ stanic_worship

Given how cheap they are, I’m hoping we just buy half of the Napoli team

by cfcww, 29/05, 14:43 @ stanic_worship


Which says everything about Conte's inability to spot the weakness in his tactics and also how slow other managers were to adapt to our change of tactics in 2016/17 as it took those 13 Games for teams to realise "Chelsea are building from the back, maybe we ought to think about pressing the three centre backs and Courtois as they won't hit it long as Costa never jumps for a ball outside of either penalty area"

by Famous, 29/05, 14:27 @ upthechels

I think he did a great job at Napoli, a team who’ve never really been challengers aside from a year or two when Maradona was there in the 80s, and before that with Empoli and a couple of lower league teams. I suppose the criticism that can be levelled at him is that he’s not won anything yet, which is fair enough, but then Pochettino is in the same boat and most people would take him I reckon. I’d much rather Sarri than Luis Enrique, in spite of the difference in honours.

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 29/05, 21:04 @ upthechels

It will be a huge mistake.
Lampard is available...
Luis Enrique is available...
Laurent Blanc is available...

by Famous, 29/05, 23:20 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Ok, I get people looking at Luis Enrique’s record at Barca and liking what they see (I’m not convinced personally) but come on; Blanc and an unproven Lampard over Sarri?! After the past couple of seasons and the job Sarri’s done at Napoli? Laurent bloody Blanc, blimey :O

by Droy263, 30/05, 01:05 @ Famous

Whats the prem average for a manager now, 14 months? Might as well start looking for the Sarri successor!

by 1WB, 30/05, 06:23 @ Famous

Lampard over Sarri all day long. Sarri has had chances. My managerial record is better.

And If nothing else, just to to try something different that might buck the trend.

by Famous, 30/05, 11:12 @ 1WB

How is your managerial career better than Sarri’s? [eh]

by 1WB, 30/05, 11:41 @ Famous

Won the double this year [keepy]

by Famous, 30/05, 11:41 @ 1WB

Winston IN

by 1WB, 30/05, 13:56 @ Famous

Yes!!!!! Think of the pay off

by upthechels @, 30/05, 14:34 @ 1WB

I'm with you. Frank is my number one choice as manager...with JT and Drogba in the background.

Not entirely sentimental...Lampard has all it takes to be a top manager.

by Famous, 30/05, 14:56 @ upthechels

I agree Frank has the potential and attributes to be a good manager one day (and he’s mates with Jody Morris who could play a key part given the job he’s been doing) but he wouldn’t be the first who looks the part on paper only for it not to work out that way. I just think to give a job like this to a man who’s never coached at any level yet is a risk neither he or we need to take at this stage.

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 30/05, 08:23 @ Famous

Sarri s a serial loser.
What has he won as a manager.
Seems to bottle the really big games.
I don’t think they have any real local Derbies, but stand to be corrected.

by Famous, 30/05, 11:30 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

I don’t really understand what people want from a manager/head coach anymore to be honest. Conte is a serial winner and you’ve wanted him out for months!

Sarri’s Napoli played some of the best football I’ve ever seen - I’ve no idea if he could replicate that here but if we’re gonna change manager yet again, surely it’s about time we got someone in who will look to make us an attractive, attacking team to watch again? I think it’d be good to give someone a go who’s as close to Guardiola as we’re gonna find at the moment.

Him not winning a trophy before now will count against him of course but calling him a serial loser suggests you’re missing the point I think. It doesn’t take into account the resources of the clubs he’s been at and what he’s been up against and what his sides have done regardless. They beat Juve in their own ground last month and they’d only ever lost twice there before that. No team’s ever got as many points as they did this season without winning the League.
It also ignores Sarri’s various manager of the year awards, which show what a job he’s done.

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 30/05, 17:24 @ Famous

I wanted Conte sacked when he surrendered to Man City.

by Famous, 30/05, 18:15 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

All those complaining we were too defensive/defeatist at City would love Sarri’s brand of football then.

You don’t want Sarri because you think he’s a serial loser, but you also don’t want the serial winner we’ve currently got. What do you want? [eh]

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 30/05, 21:31 @ Famous

Lampard and Terry.

by Famous, 30/05, 23:27 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Fair enough, on what basis do you prefer them to Conte or Sarri?

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 30/05, 23:53 @ Famous

Just to have something different.
I’m fed up with boring negative football, even though it has helped us win trophies.
And people that care about the club.
I have to question Sarri’s motives for wanting, if indeed he does, to join us.
The only reasons I can think of is for the money per year, and payoff, when the club sack him.
I also doubt that two years ago, not many Chelsea fans had even heard of him.

by Famous, 31/05, 06:40 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

What makes you think Lampard and Terry wouldn’t provide boring, negative football? Over someone whose attractive, attacking football has won him personal awards?

I’m not really sure why it’d matter whether Chelsea fans had heard of him two years ago or not. I doubt many Chelsea fans had heard of Mourinho in 2002.

At least the less connections someone has with the club before they arrive, the less painful their inevitable departure is. Do Matteo’s sacking was particularly hurtful. Imagine Frank and JT had us in the relegation zone at Christmas and had to go, that’d be horrible.

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 31/05, 07:56 @ Famous

What makes you think Sarri, is the man the club should appoint. I didn’t notice you mention anything about him until the media reports saying the club wanted him?
If Lampard and Terry failed as managers then so be it.
Lampard looks as though he will be Derby’s manager, so it isn’t going to happen here anyway.
I was just stating my preference, and believe that Sarri seems to be the final word...

by Famous, 31/05, 08:42 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Why would I have mentioned him? I didn’t mention Guardiola either but I’d take him too :-D

I’d always assumed managers like Pep, Allegri and Sarri would be out of our reach, given they are/were in charge of Champion League teams and title challengers.

I think I only started commenting on the identity of potential managers this month. We have still got one in charge, after all. I wouldn’t be disappointed if Conte stayed but if he he does go, which seems likely, I’m not overwhelmed by the number of viable successors. Sarri would be top of my list based on who is likely to want to come and who the club is likely to speak to.

by Famous, 31/05, 08:44 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Frank making his mistakes as a rookie coach elsewhere would help him become a better manager in the future (hopefully for Chelsea). Like players who go on loan and learn their trade/make their mistakes elsewhere rather than for us. Then when they’re experienced enough, a decision can be made as to whether they’re ready for that next step.

by CLL_JT26, 30/05, 09:14 @ Famous

Laurent blanc boasts a quite impressive managerial cv - certainly compared to most we've been linked with.

He makes my shortlist, an is probably the best of a bad bunch to replace conte imo. Luiz likes him too i think.

by Famous, 30/05, 11:37 @ CLL_JT26

With all due respect to Luiz, if we’re making managerial choices based on who Roman’s favourite likes, then that’s not a good sign...
I see nothing to suggest that Blanc could do any better a job than what Conte has, and that’s got to be what the board’s focus is on. More than ever nowadays, with football changing constantly, managing is as much about momentum and striking while the iron’s hot than looking at past achievements, and Blanc’s finest achievements came a decade ago. He’s mainly underwhelmed in the years since.

by CLL_JT26, 30/05, 13:48 @ Famous

We're not making choices based on Romans favourite players, but considering how most of our squad seem to have turned against Jose and Conte in recent years, it can't be a bad thing that Luiz likes/rates blanc.

I don't think any manager we can get will be better than conte, but it is what it is.

You say blancs achievements were a decade ago - I'm pretty sure he got sacked about 2 years ago from psg after winning back to back domestic trebles.

by Famous, 30/05, 14:19 @ CLL_JT26

Luiz is only one player though and I think his best days are behind him now. I doubt he’ll ever play at the level he did in Conte’s first season in that back three. Plus, he fell out with Blanc before, it could happen again. I just think Luiz/Blanc feel like yesterday’s men in that respect, at a time when we should be looking to try something new and exciting.

Blanc flopped with France big time and I reckon most of us could have won the treble with PSG when Blanc was there. As with Luis Enrique, the trophies are there for them to point to, but those wins should be seen in the context of their resources and what they were up against. I think the key is, why did PSG get rid of him...

by CLL_JT26, 30/05, 16:37 @ Famous

Psg got rid because he didn't deliver a champions league. He was at psg before neymar etc started turning up.

Yes they should win the French league, but back to back trebles is a very good achievement, as was his double with Bordeaux which landed him the France job. Didn't emery fail to win the French league last year?

Blanc only went to 1 major tournament with them and lost to Spain in the knockout stages, so I wouldn't call that flopping.

by Famous, 30/05, 18:18 @ CLL_JT26

Yeah and Bordeaux was a decade ago, that’s what I meant in my initial response. We saw first hand how limited a coach he was in the CL.
I don’t rate Emery particularly, I’m glad he’s gone to Arsenal and not come to us! (and besides, Blanc didn’t have any domestic competition whatsoever when he was PSG manager, whereas the chasing pack in Ligue 1 are a lot closer to them nowadays, especially Monaco before they got broken up last summer)

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 30/05, 17:26 @ Famous

Why did Chelsea get rid of Mourinho?

by Famous, 30/05, 18:21 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Because the players didn’t like him and started playing like cnts and he made mistakes.
Jose, Conte, Ancelotti, these are all serial winners who the club has got rid of. If we’re gonna change coaches again, let’s at least make it a bit more fun for a change. The thought of Sarri replicating what he did for Napoli here should be more than enough for the board to give him a go, IMHO

by MartyF @, 30/05, 20:32 @ Famous

[^] I'm with you. Probably wont work but fck it lets give it a go! With our board reportedly pissing around over a couple of million its probably not going to be the greatest summer again...

by 1WB, 30/05, 20:54 @ Famous

Replicating what? Pretty football?

Is that what it’s become? We literally are turning into arsenal

by Famous, 30/05, 23:32 @ 1WB

He’s led them to the most points they’ve ever won in a season and the most wins they’ve ever had in a season and played some of the best football in Europe whilst doing so. Replicating that.

Bear in mind I’m not one of those who moaned about how defensive we were at City etc., I usually defended Mourinho and Conte when people criticised them for not being adventurous/entertaining enough. As I keep saying, I’m not sure exactly what people want. I just want us to win matches.

by Famous, 30/05, 23:33 @ Famous

I’m also playing devils advocate by putting myself in Roman’s shoes. It’s no secret he wanted Guardiola for years.

by MartyF @, 30/05, 23:47 @ Famous

My neighbour is Italian and a Napoli fan and he raves about him. Said he has overachieved there and would be great for us.

We can always sack him after a few months if he's shite ;)

by Famous, 31/05, 07:09 @ MartyF

[^] I follow Italian football from afar, with no particular allegiance to any team, and I went from wanting Napoli to lose every week under Benitez to actively trying to either watch or at least follow their games live, and that’s down to Sarri.

Your last point, whilst tongue in cheek, is actually a good one! Whilst we’ve had success with other Italians in their first season managing in England, if it doesn’t work out then we move on to the next coach.

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