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This season
by cfcww, 20/08, 13:28

It doesn't look like we will die wondering!

I could think of a few previous managers who would not have been happy that our left back was in the opposition's six yard box with 10 minutes to go at 2-2.

Going to ne a bit of a mad season I think.

This season
by stanic_worship, 20/08, 14:58 @ cfcww


It's going to be some roller-coaster ride, that's for sure. Some obvious failings with the approach that a lot of us clocked just from watching a few pre-season games, but the flip-side is that there's some great play as well. I don't think I've got over the quality of the ball from Jorginho to Alonso for the first goal.

Kovacic looks like one of the best midfielders ever to play for the club - Bold statement for a 20 minute cameo, but genuinely thought he was that good!

This season
by cfcww, 20/08, 17:15 @ stanic_worship

Thought we tightened up second half but think that was more to do with the performance of the midfield, Pedro & Hazard more than anything the defenders did. If he is going to persist with Luiz & Rudi then I think they will have to swap over to try avoid the yawning gap/lack of pace on our left flank between Alonso & Luiz.

This season
by Walter @, 20/08, 16:50 @ cfcww

It's going to be ridiculous.
We'll 5-2 to Liverpool and beat Sp*rs 6-5.

This season
by cfcww, 20/08, 17:21 @ Walter

I'd be more worried about losing 7-4 to Watford!

This season
by upthechels @, 20/08, 18:35 @ cfcww

He's actually pretty close to getting us playing some very decent stuff. It's been great watching us try to dominate and keep the ball instead of that tired surrendering of the ball. The defence looked woeful vs Arsenal (we really got away with that one) but there is also hope Sarri can tinker sooner rather than later. I'm seeing Kante being useful up top but sorely missed further back. It's possible we will see a change there. Kovacic also looked terrier like...his addition would most likely also see improvement.

I'm very hopeful it's just a case of Sarri 'getting to grips' with what he has and he will adjust saving us from a season of what we saw vs Arsenal and more of the good stuff we've seen.

I like the look of Sarri and I reckon he will turn us into a very decent side again.

This season
by ejm @, 20/08, 18:44 @ upthechels

I think Kante needs to be moved back... He is not the one to be on the end of through balls... with him and Jorginho in the centre it would allow the rest to play. Bring on Citeh away [hide]

This season
by upthechels @, 20/08, 19:02 @ ejm

[^] being

You could actually see what Kante brings to us all over the park. Push him to one side and you lose what he does in the central position. I'm all for him being between defence/attack but I know little of Kovacic and Jorginho to make a call on how that works. Nice problem for Sarri! BRING ON CITY :-D

This season
by Droy263, 21/08, 00:22 @ upthechels

Formation - Upside down Xmas tree. [eh]

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