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by Walter @, 15/06, 12:23

Afternoon all.

Laptop broke, got a new one, thought I'd better sign in.

With lock-down I have finally sat down to write. I'm doing a book in 2 parts, set over 4 days in 2012. Part 1 is 2 days in Barcelona. Part 2 is 2 days in Munich.

Were you in Barcelona please? If so, remember after the game in the stadium, there were a few of you lined up at the back while we were locked in. I have:

Famous; Stan; Campo; Brad; Jon; Paul P - anyone else?



by PP_75, 19/06, 17:15 @ Walter

There was a Spanish copper declining the request from us for permission to light cigars at FT. We declined his instruction naturally [tea]

by Walter @, 22/06, 15:27 @ PP_75

:-D [^] Great stuff, thank you.

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