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by Droy263, 25/06, 08:11

Sneaky feeling we can do this one and then hand the title to...[eh]

by MartyF @, 25/06, 10:05 @ Droy263

I think we might need to to get 4th/5th place! United and Wolves run in's look a lot easier than ours.

by Droy263, 25/06, 23:46 @ MartyF

Now to lose to Wet Spam..

by MartyF @, 01/07, 22:16 @ Droy263

Fucking predictable [rant]

by ejm @, 01/07, 23:13 @ MartyF

Kepa, Azpi, Rudiger, Alonso, Kovacic and as for Abraham... loved how he missed the Soucek header on the line when all he had to do was let the ball hit him and then kick it away. You can't coach stupid. Pulisic on the plus side is starting to look good.

by Droy263, 02/07, 11:00 @ ejm

Yep that was predictable and it was almost like chelsea of the 80's. Smash a top side and lose to a lower team. We have all seen it over the years at stages. [sad] we need more strenght at the back. Those 2 centre backs need the JT approach, die for it and bodies on the line with brains.

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