P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
by Droy263, 13/07, 22:20

Third. [eh]

by confusedblue, 13/07, 22:23 @ Droy263

Completely mad..... starting to have nightmares about Leicester and Utd drawing on the last day and both finishing above us on goal difference

by ejm @, 14/07, 05:51 @ confusedblue

Don't you just love Fergietime?

by MartyF @, 14/07, 11:38 @ confusedblue

I'm hoping Leicester are imploding and won't pick any more points!

by confusedblue, 15/07, 10:49 @ MartyF

That's what I am hoping, Thursday is a big evening....

by kneesup, 15/07, 18:51 @ Droy263

If we don’t qualify, then we may not be missing much.
God knows what the champions league will look like next season. No fans, neutral venues etc

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