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Billy Gilmour
by ejm @, 08/12, 20:42

Absolute joy to watch.

Billy Gilmour
by upthechels @, 10/12, 09:50 @ ejm

Need to loan him out this season. Could have a big future with us [^]

Billy Gilmour
by ejm @, 10/12, 23:32 @ upthechels

Wants to play in the Euros... ship him back to Rangers for the rest of the season... off Jorginho in the summer and bring him back.

Billy Gilmour
by Droy263, 10/12, 23:06 @ ejm

Hope he stays. This boy is mustard. What a future. I think he can break through. Good grounded lad.

Billy Gilmour
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 10/12, 23:23 @ ejm

It’s like watching Ray Wilkins all over again.
He gets in my Chelsea team ahead of both Jorginho and Kovacic

Billy Gilmour
by upthechels @, 11/12, 12:15 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Not quite there for me yet mate...that's not to say he's not up for Chelsea stardom.

I'm not sure he will start too many games this season but Frank is best placed to decide...interesting and exciting times :-)

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