P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
Rolling over again
by ejm @, 26/12, 18:15

No guts in rhis team.

Rolling over again
by Droy263, 27/12, 07:14 @ ejm

Yeah, too easy. Second half was better . We need a new pen taker, no more of that hop skip rubbish, just belt it. DFS

Rolling over again
by ejm @, 27/12, 10:23 @ Droy263

Turned over by the Sp*rs B team in the League Cup, Everton, Wolves and now the Goons. 3-0 down at West Brom. How is this team improving? As for that clown and his penalties, it's embarrassing. Only positive for me was Hudson-Odoi showing a bit of form.
Villa and Citeh next up.... nice!

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