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3rd goal
by ejm @, 03/01, 19:30

Kovacic turned his back as KDB shot. JT would have thrown himself in front. Therein lies the problem.

3rd goal
by upthechels @, 03/01, 22:30 @ ejm

So much wrong, so many individual mistakes. I thought Silva was poor for the Gündogan turn for his goal, Kante and Kovacic for the third and I thought Mendy could have done better with Foden's goal. We were terrible all over the park.

Mendy - not a great keeper. Sell Kepa, buy a number 1

Aspi - Not easy for him against such fast movement...I'd expect James to have more impact in such games. Aspi is good for most games but his mobility is questioned against this level of opponent.

Silva - Can't build momentum with a key player that can't play 2 games a week (See Giroud). I'd go with Rudiger and Zouma as our main 2 from here. 1 season only, please.

Zouma - My player of the season...yes it winds me up when he keeps passing back to Mendy (where is the player demanding the ball from him?) but gives 100% all the time.

Chilwell - Must be wondering what he's done leaving Leicester for the circus. Good player.

Kovacic - 100% but not top class. Kovacic needs Jorginho...not Kante.

Kante - Still too far forward for my liking...I don't see the value in him showing up in specialist areas.

Mount - Not quite sure what his job is, very lucky to play so much. No impact at all.

Pulisic - Bakes a cake but has no idea how to ice it.

Ziyech - Woeful...correction...FUCKING WOEFUL. I thought the same before his latest injury. He needs to up it massively.

Werner - Works those socks off but the return is poor. I would like to see him behind the main man. Tammy ahead of Giroud for me...at least he'll play week in week out...Giroud is not even strong enough for a full 90 minutes.

Havertz - Talented but is the PL the place for him? I don't think so.
CHO - Did well...should have started and Ziyech forced to wait to return.
Billy - Skilful lad, small with zero pace - not going to make it at SB

Frank is in the muck and I fear he doesn't know what to do. I thought he'd be far better than what I'm seeing from him. Tick tock time I'm afraid.

All in all...piss poor.

3rd goal
by ejm @, 03/01, 23:02 @ upthechels

Great post.... I would play James as the holding Midfielder in the Essien mould. What has happened to Tomori?

3rd goal
by Droy263, 04/01, 13:54 @ ejm

That whole Tomori thing is weird. He been tubbing Christine.. Dont know what he needs to do to warrant a start.

3rd goal
by upthechels @, 04/01, 14:48 @ Droy263

When he played last season I felt there were cracks appearing in his game and wasn't surprised he slipped down the list. What surprises me is how far he has slipped away...not even a mention. Something has happened we know nothing about - that is my guess. I would call for him and Zouma as the central pairing but all I have now is his poor shows pre the benching. It's a strange one.

3rd goal
by upthechels @, 04/01, 14:57 @ ejm

Play Mason Mount in the position Kante currently plays and drop Kante back.

Mount (offensive)...Kante (defensive)

No chopping and changing...play this side v Morecambe and beyond.

3rd goal
by confusedblue, 05/01, 16:38 @ upthechels

I completely agree that this is the right personnel but I would change the formation and would move this group of players back to a 4-4-2 with Kante and Mount in the middle (although I do think Kovacic at his best might be the right partner to Kante) and Pulisic and CHO keeping wide and then Havertz playing the 10 role to Werner at 9.

I can't help but feel that we don't have the players to play 4-3-3 properly, we need more in the centre of the park (as you suggest) but none of our strikers are good enough to play by themselves so it has to be time for a pair of strikers and to see if they can cause enough trouble to force others to change. Formations seem to go in cycles and this squad is not cut out for 4-3-3.

3rd goal
by upthechels @, 05/01, 17:37 @ confusedblue

There appears to be a growing number calling for a 4-4-2 and I can't say I disagree with the idea tbh [^] Change is needed and this is an option open to FL.

I love Kovacic but I see Kante as better defensively and Mount as better in those dangerous positions Kante pops up in. I'd also say Kovacic is very dynamic over 60/70 mins and then there's a certain amount of burnout. Mount and Kante are proper 90 minute players - that is my reasoning. I personally think it's that area where we struggle most and need more presence there. Taking Kante off in games where we're chasing also gives our attacking play a boost from midfield.

We will probably see the same old at Fulham...it will finish Frank off if he doesn't start getting us going.

3rd goal
by confusedblue, 06/01, 17:22 @ upthechels

That all makes sense, I agree. I slightly worry that we will get through the next few games with good results without change which will mask the need for change.

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