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Thing about rumours
by Droy263, 02/02, 02:29

At football clubs is that its very hard to keep quiet some matters, such as player discontent. You have various playing sides, staff, security, cleaners etc aunties, uncles of players.. And some have press contacts. dont get me wrong you get loads of bullshit stories but usually about transfers and who comes and goes. So I do wonder about this alleged player discontent .

Thing about rumours
by ejm @, 02/02, 11:25 @ Droy263

Living in Derby, Frank was welcomed to the city and did a decent job here especially having the likes of Tomori and Mount at his disposal.
Criticisms levelled at him were he did not know his best 11 and was not learning from his mistakes. Same with us I am afraid. Rumours never seem to be an issue in a winning dressing room.
Could anyone see where he was going with his team?

Thing about rumours
by Droy263, 03/02, 01:48 @ ejm

Chops and changes were huge and seemed unsettling at times. Whats gets me is if players complain upstairs but then it seems was apparent for AVB and big Phil. But if its for personal reasons and not the teams .. Then [boo]

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