P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
by Droy263, 08/02, 04:07

But not great to watch. Keep up the consistency and we can push for 4th. [tea]

by ejm @, 08/02, 15:01 @ Droy263

Good start and some clear intent going forward. Reckon we would have drawn that yesterday.

by Famous, 08/02, 18:12 @ Droy263

Was a tough watch but enjoyed a different type of three points (in the end!) after contrasting wins/performances in the two matches prior. Big weekend of fixtures coming up, if we can get a positive result that table could look very pleasing in a week’s time [pray]

by upthechels @, 09/02, 18:31 @ Droy263

Frank was f****** useless as a gaffer. That's from someone that backed him becoming the boss.

TT bloke appears to think...only time will tell. Sussed Tammy out after 45 minutes so he can't be that bad!!!

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