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by Droy263, 22/06, 15:01

Fcked if I understand the logic on our boys being locked away [eh]

by ejm @, 22/06, 15:44 @ Droy263

A clever manager would use this to fire up the team/country.

by upthechels @, 24/06, 14:06 @ Droy263

They say there was a 22 minute close contact conversation between the 3 in the tunnel. I totally get why they've done what they've done with Mount and Chilly. Bit silly the medical staff from both camps allowed it to happen though. A good break for the Chelsea boys [^]

by Droy263, 26/06, 01:29 @ upthechels

Okay, but any scottish players had 20 mins next to Billy.. Say at breakfast, lunch or dinner.. Or sharing a Room maybe ! Makes little sense..

by upthechels @, 27/06, 18:25 @ Droy263

Apparently the Scots have different rules to the English!

None of it makes sense!!!

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