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Save the Bridge
by Droy263, 10/03, 12:40

Again.. I raised 32 quid in 1987..

Save the Bridge
by Sponge, 10/03, 12:56 @ Droy263

I remember the oil drums around the Bridge in the 70’s with Cash For Chelsea, good old day’s when we were proper skint !

Save the Bridge
by Droy263, 12/03, 00:08 @ Sponge

Oil !!! Ow the irony.. [wink] I remember the pics of chopper doing sponsored laps around the pitch.

Save the Bridge
by Sponge, 12/03, 15:02 @ Droy263

My mum had two juniors staying at her house in 1976 they both said Chelsea were going skint I said that Chelsea had loads of money doh! they only stayed for six weeks and when she was paid (only the once)it was in cash and change as if they had a whip round to pay ????

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