P302Rivals Football - Everton FC
by TheAngryLeft, 01/07, 09:45

Over on the jarg board. An absolutely pathetic specimen of a man who probably still wears a mask has come up with this little gem.

"Regardless of the content of what the pyab-headed tit has said, which I haven't read and never will, why is it not being questioned why a husk of a man is commentating on such matters?

It must be because there's sufficient gobshites out there who take heed from his words or he wouldn't be entertained.

It should have been nipped in the bud when there were freaks standing around the whoppers on Top Gear looking and acting like clapping seals as they espoused nonsense.

We are all responsible by virtue of doing nothing to stop it at the time. We all seen it if we're honest"

Ooooooooh "it should be nipped in the bud"