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by Mike_1878, 05/01, 18:42

The moderator of wasg is John Wharto/HAMP true shithouse I just posted "don't let the door hit your fat arse on the way out" in response to his whinging, again. Lo and behold he removed my post and banned me. Hey oh, lots of good lads on there but if it's policed like a nazi board. I'm well out of it.

by Rez, 08/01, 23:06 @ Mike_1878


by Mike_1878, 09/01, 16:22 @ Rez

Ha ha, you trying to kid the people again. You was whinging like an old woman again, fair enough we was all pissed off on Sunday. But you take it to another level. All I said was don't let the door hit your fat arse, when you jib it. You removed my post and banned me. You are the mod on wsag and you are also Hamp. Why would anyone else moderating the board remove that very tame post and ban me. Games up lad.

by Rez, 06/02, 15:48 @ Mike_1878

You do know this is REZ - you know REZ... Owner of MAUL.XLSX provider of [brows]

The yolk is on you