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Tea & Biscuits
by No_One_Ever_Replies, 06/11, 17:58

what's your preferred combo here?

all teabags are pretty much the same I reckon. Currently I'm on the chocolate chip cookies for dunkage but I can recommend flapjacks (the little ones) as a leftfield option. I got some oreos waiting on the sidelines.

What say you fellow blue/non fellow non blue?

Tea & Biscuits
by Spart, 06/11, 18:30 @ No_One_Ever_Replies

My normal biccy of choice would be the obvious chocolate Hobnob but if you are like me and on a girlfriend enforced diet, I would highly recommend the Home And Bargain Chocolate and Strawberry Skinny Bar

Tea & Biscuits
by No_One_Ever_Replies, 06/11, 18:58 @ Spart

this girlfriend?

Tea & Biscuits
by Spart, 06/11, 19:02 @ No_One_Ever_Replies

Nice to see standards being kept up

Tea & Biscuits
by billy2hats, 06/11, 20:29 @ No_One_Ever_Replies

Can't beat Yorkshire tea and hob nobs, either plain or milk chocolate. Never dark chocolate.


Tea & Biscuits
by Aberblue1, 06/11, 20:43 @ No_One_Ever_Replies

I don't really like tea - I prefer coffee. Chocolate biscuits are a fine accompanyment to hot coffee.

Tea & Biscuits
by BertieBigBollocks, 06/11, 22:03 @ No_One_Ever_Replies

Evening all, where's the rest of the gang?

One minute I was reading about Platini's dad and the next......gone.

On the upside I actually did some work today

Tea & Biscuits
by BIGSTE, 06/11, 22:34 @ BertieBigBollocks