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Our Name
by mussiesredhat, 15/11, 08:11

I agree, and personally I am still sceptical about either sides figures in the 'I don't give a bugger what we are called' camp. The numbers of "a few hundred..." being spouted by Dr Allam seem quite low, but I also believe that the CTID numbers are unquantified (despite any spin from OLM and others to the contrary). I am against the name change without doubt but I still say that I am in a minority of around 5% of the Premiership crowd. Most are more concerned about seeing Stevie Gee every week and getting mentioned on MotD than they are about what we are called.

I also think that the CTID publicity campaign, although laudable in time and effort invested, has been wrong from the start, appealing only to the minority above rather than the real target Premiership matchday audience. There have already been a number of more creative non-violent tactics mentioned on CI which will do more to send the message to the 95%!

Perhaps the 19:04 stand-up protest at the Palace game will prove me wrong?