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by kingahsbee, 11/11, 11:26

You might want to think about changing the badge, the one you are using is an old badge and one not very well thought of amongst city fans.
Nice to see a rivals forum back...of sorts.

by RF_Admin @, 11/11, 12:06 @ kingahsbee

Cheers, just the kind of feedback that's needed. Will sort it out. Talking of which if anyone wants a particular image(s) in the banner then just shout...

by kingahsbee, 11/11, 13:21 @ RF_Admin
by RF_Admin @, 11/11, 14:42 @ kingahsbee

Added the current one back in, there may well be copyright issues but we'll see.

by mussiesredhat, 11/11, 19:57 @ RF_Admin

How about introducing the John Fenwick award to the best idea?

by RF_Admin @, 11/11, 20:14 @ mussiesredhat

Just found a few posts about him, sounds as though he would have got things going...

by mussiesredhat, 11/11, 20:25 @ RF_Admin

John was a permanent resident of the old chatroom. Myself, Kingash, DMD and others were less frequent chatters

by RF_Admin @, 11/11, 20:52 @ mussiesredhat

Got it. Well this site came about, in a convoluted way at least, because of Rivals Sky fcuk up, so it's tried to keep the same feel, but more message-board centered, and with the added bonus of being very mobile friendly when detected. Completely independent. Anyway just shout if any queries/requests...

by RF_Admin @, 11/11, 13:18 @ kingahsbee

Banner changed now, might need a refresh. If there's another old badge that's considered in higher esteem, let us know...

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