P302Rivals Football - Hull City AFC
how many members?
by kingahsbee, 14/11, 11:29

How many have signed up to this new Rivals forum?

how many members?
by RF_Admin @, 14/11, 13:21 @ kingahsbee

10 so far...

how many members?
by mussiesredhat, 14/11, 20:07 @ RF_Admin

i ve set up a thread link on ci. where else? please not not606!!!

i d like to see the numbers rise. there was always more inter-club banter in the old rivals than any other of the message boards since

how many members?
by RF_Admin @, 14/11, 21:25 @ mussiesredhat

To be honest, me too. Anything you can do to get people over would be appreciated. This site is completely independent and built on the tradition of Rivals, although has been improved massively for smartphones (not sure they were even around when it went down but anyway). There will be never be any annoying ads, and posters' feedback is always noted and acted upon.

Anything else, just shout...