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Shamelessly Knicked from CI
by mussiesredhat, 15/11, 08:29

Posted by Tiger_Woods

Here's an interesting one and it may well not be true, and might just be a bit of mischief making given the current climate, but.......

A rumour has suddenly appeared that Adam Pearson is putting in an offer for the KC

I must admit it had never crossed my mind that anyone other than 'us' could buy that stadium

I mean the AP scenario sounds a bit unlikely, given that FC hardly need to expand it, and I'm not sure where he'd get the money from

Although that said he is quite a resourceful man and he does have intimate knowledge of the commercial potential of the place, and immediate surrounding area, and perhaps more significantly, a better history of getting on with the council

So what's the crack if he or anyone else for that matter comes in and makes an offer for and is proposing economic redevelopment of the surrounding area, and all the jobs that go with it etc. Basically, the council have a duty to listen to them on behalf of the area don't they? And having failed badly last time and seen the fall-out from that would probably feel even more obliged to, seeing as that avenue now looks closed

That would be a weird one........

Like I say, I'm sceptical. But the way this one's been unfolding, you just never know........