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Further rumours heard in EC2M
by essexgull, 15/11, 09:50

Assam Alarm will create the Hull Tigers brand and then purchase Millwall.

He will join the two and create a 'super' club based midway called 'The Barnet Ligers'. The aim will be to be the biggest club in League One, maintain a steady fanbase of 7k and have a sports centre with a 25m swimming pool and a badminton court. Long-term aim will be that Ibis open a 2 star hotel and business centre within 3 miles of the stadium targeting cleaning company reps and cheap Romanian prostitutes as their core clientele.

You will be swatting Asian billionaire investors away like flies around stale hummous.

You heard it here first.

Up the Gulls


Further rumours heard in EC2M
by shed69, 15/11, 10:37 @ essexgull

All sounds very plausible[tea]

Further rumours heard in EC2M
by essexgull, 15/11, 10:54 @ shed69

I'm going to need a better reply than that if we're to make this board a success, old bean.

There's a petition, run by a certain Portsmouth-based poster, to get me back posting on the CityIndependent site, after a period spent in the wilderness.

I'm world-renown for generating forum discussions. Hot commodity, my son. Look at the CityIndependent site - when I first joined it, it was two chavs posting from an internet cafe discussing which pub to meet in before away games. It now has 12 regular posters discussing a huge range of topics such as attendance figures, potential signings and pie temperatures and generates 42 hits a day.


Further rumours heard in EC2M
by kingahsbee, 15/11, 11:35 @ essexgull

Hes back then.
When will Lunchbox turn up!

Further rumours heard in EC2M
by mussiesredhat, 15/11, 14:16 @ kingahsbee

and oxoman?????