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by RF_Admin @, 15/11, 14:58

Just saw your post on CI (yes I was lurking) re this site. Here's some answers:

Who's behind this site?

Just me really. A web developer by trade and a veteran of the Chelsea Rivals site. Started this out of frustration with other sites that never responded to feedback, were far too slow, had no design, no consideration that people now view sites on mobile devices, and had really annoying ads. This site is truly independent.

How long before it starts to slow down because of increased traffic?

It wont - in fact the speed of the current server is arguably overkill for the current traffic but I wanted to future-proof it. At the first sign of it slowing down (unlikely) I will upgrade it. And that's an instant thing.

How long before they need to show adverts to pay for the bandwidth?
There will only ever be the current 3 ad slots - top, right-hand side and bottom. There will never be any video ads, any pop ups or anything annoying. Ever.

Do we really need another forum?
Not any old forum that looks and runs like all the others, no we don't. However call me biased but this is the best I've seen on a mobile, I've optimised it as much as is humanly possible so it's very fast-loading, clear on screen, and puts the user content first above cramming ads into every spare inch of screen.

Any other questions, then post away...


by mussiesredhat, 16/11, 11:47 @ RF_Admin

There seems to be a lack of text enhancements such as bold, italics, etc.

Also, this morning, for a strange reason I tried to create a heading longer than: "Shock. Horror. HDM Blasts HCC" It would not allow me? Have you introduced a character restriction on the length of heading? I know that I created a longer heading a couple of days ago.

Keep up the work and let's see more of the old Rivals crowd, whether they be still in attendance at games, or indeed if they have done as I am considering, by giving up on the artificial hype of Murdoch's Premiership.

The concept of the 'Sports Mail Fan' used to have a term for those who, though fans at heart through and through, chose a temporary stay away to follow through the local green newspaper. With the demise of old-fashioned media, perhaps, the contemporary phrase may develop as the 'Rivals Fan'.

by RF_Admin @, 16/11, 12:36 @ mussiesredhat

Thanks for the that, it's appreciated.

There's never been text formatting on here, like the old site, just think it's not really necessary and keeps things simple. However what I can do is add any other smilies/animated gifs you may feel are required (come on it's crucial). And you can also add YouTube videos within a post, just by pasting the code between the youtube tags.

The maximum length of a post's subject is 30 characters. The reason for this is that it keeps everything clear and concise in thread and topic view, and on all devices.

As the Chelsea board proves (and this one it seems) the type of supporter on rivalsfootball is indeed one who actually goes, or at least who has gone in their time before they were priced out, and who just 'gets it', rather than is told it by the media.

by kingahsbee, 19/11, 13:16 @ RF_Admin

Keep up the good work, im sure we will get a few old school rivals back.
Seems weird that its over a decade or so since that site was in its pomp!

by RF_Admin @, 19/11, 22:20 @ kingahsbee

Indeed, God knows where those 10 years have gone [old]

by mussiesredhat, 20/11, 17:53 @ RF_Admin

wow 10 years. that means mussiesredhat is more than ten years old. indeed, it was actually born out of a game at BP in 2002 i think against Brian Talbot's Rushden & Diamonds when the great keeper was given a woefully small mcdonalds cap by matt glennon to keep the sun from his eyes! never forget it coninually blowing off his head when attempting to kick. we were in stitches