P302Rivals Football - Liverpool FC
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by Reg_User, 06/12, 10:02

Once again an incompetent Referee tries to make a name for himself off the back of the world famous Liverpool FC.
A Clear Penalty not given (Senderos' arm made contact with Adam outside the box but Adam was running through that, it wasn't until Senderos leg brought Adam down that the ref should have given the penalty as Adam was in the box - Incompetent ref bottled it.
Senderos clearly drags down Andy Carrol which should have resulted in his sending off - the incompetent ref simply ignored it as he was looking for his family in the crowd.
Suarez scores a perfectly good goal with some amazing skill - which the incompetent ref and linesman (who was clearly feeling left out of all the fun) ruled out for some imaginary offside decision.
Suarez denied a clear and blatant penalty when the other big centre half who had his hand around Suarez neck after a brilliant turn by the mercurial Uruguayan - once again the incompetent referee ignorres it.
It was clear that the referee entered this game with him mind already made up about Suarez as he took him to one side and spoke to him about going to ground after a very very clear foul on the forward.
Then there was the Red card - probably the worst decision by any referee since Graham Poll issued three Yellow cards to the same player.
There is a very, very real possibility that the game will be ruined by administrators who will eventually ban tackling completely. It's a contact sport - don't punish contact of any sort.