P302Rivals Football - Liverpool FC
Anfield South
by joanah-the-real @, 03/05, 16:05

Is everybody ready??? I leave at nine in the morning, staying till Sunday lets hope we do theses imposter's.


Anfield South
by Jazzy Jeff, 05/05, 18:24 @ joanah-the-real

Ive got some tissue for you here lad if you need it. Unlucky there like.

Anfield South
by Blue_11, 05/05, 21:16 @ joanah-the-real

Long live The King.[clown]

Anfield South
by shed69, 05/05, 21:47 @ joanah-the-real

worst FA cup final support I've ever not heard. Congratulations on your first big song on 69minutes.[clown]