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Awful but fans were good
by Drdrill, 29/04, 19:01

Started slow again, caught out by the mud heap called a pitch. Zamora has still had only one decent game and was crap today. Cisse was usless on the left, but why does it take Hughes until we're 5-0 down to see it? Traore should have been on from the start. Paddy is not the same player as last year. Why does Hughes have to be so negative all the time? Least under Neil we had a go at teams, Fulham apart. At least we got one, so our 1986 record 6-0 is still the best. Fans were brilliant, deserved better. Completely outsung the scum who only came to life briefly when 4-0 up.

Awful but fans were good
by shed69, 29/04, 19:57 @ Drdrill

'Completely outsung' ?

Righto [clown]

Awful but fans were good
by MHLPisshead, 29/04, 20:07 @ shed69

[clown] [clown]

Awful but fans were good
by sid, 29/04, 22:11 @ Drdrill

We hate Tottenham!

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