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by cfcww, 05/03, 18:26

Not had much to criticise him about since his floundering on the touchline against Liverpool last season which he bounced back from in a big way thereafter. However, he bent the knee to City yesterday and virtually admitted that he was scared of them. That's not pragmatism, that's a lack of courage and it was plain to see in their performance that Fabregas and Hazard weren't happy about it. The set up of the team, the tactics employed and the demeanour of the players smacked of cowardice installed by the manager.

Watching the pre match in the tunnel last week, he deliberately hid from Mourinho, even looking around the corner and ducking back out of view so he didn't get seen which was ridiculous given there was cameras everywhere. I didn't like what I saw then and hoped it was a one off.

He basically avoided a confrontation again yesterday that did not have to be avoided. I do not accept that if we would have got mauled by City it would affect the confidence of the players ahead of playing Barcelona as we got mauled by Bournemouth & Watford and it didn't make a difference.

Most fans can forgive their teams failings as you just don't have no choice, but yesterday was plain and simple cowardice from our Manager and both the fans and players know it. [run]

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