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by cfcww, 29/05, 14:24

I am not sure it matters anymore B, I think the manager/coach position is becoming less and less influential in modern football unless they are truly outstanding. I have a long held belief that over time 95% of managers end up having a negative effect on teams and just make them worse. Someone like Dyche seems to be able to make a team better than the sum of its parts but there is a glass ceiling to that and I expect he has taken Burnley nearly as far as they can go playing the way they do. Pundits rave about Pochettino but Spurs are now worse than they were last year and are further away from winning trophies than they were three seasons ago.

Of the remaining 5%, I think there are some in there who have the knack of being "lucky managers" but most of them only have a two to three year cycle because none of them appear to have any flexibility in their tactics nor the ability to adapt to how a game is developing.

This Sarri seems to be popular because Napoli play attractive football but I expect he will be another one who sets the team up in a certain formation and that is that regardless of how the opposition are playing, the players at his disposal or with future games in mind..

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