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by Famous, 30/05, 11:30

I don’t really understand what people want from a manager/head coach anymore to be honest. Conte is a serial winner and you’ve wanted him out for months!

Sarri’s Napoli played some of the best football I’ve ever seen - I’ve no idea if he could replicate that here but if we’re gonna change manager yet again, surely it’s about time we got someone in who will look to make us an attractive, attacking team to watch again? I think it’d be good to give someone a go who’s as close to Guardiola as we’re gonna find at the moment.

Him not winning a trophy before now will count against him of course but calling him a serial loser suggests you’re missing the point I think. It doesn’t take into account the resources of the clubs he’s been at and what he’s been up against and what his sides have done regardless. They beat Juve in their own ground last month and they’d only ever lost twice there before that. No team’s ever got as many points as they did this season without winning the League.
It also ignores Sarri’s various manager of the year awards, which show what a job he’s done.

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